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Turbiscan - SMLS based stability analysis

SMLS is the optical technique of stability analysis to offer the advantage of working in concentrated media: It is well adapted for working without dilution and without stress over a wide particle size range: 10 nm - 1 mm at high concentrations (up to 95% v:v). The emitted light only partially passes through the tube, most are scattered by the particles in the sample. TURBISCAN® detects the intensity of both Transmitted and Backscattered light over the whole tube height. These intensities allow direct monitoring of local physical heterogeneities with a vertical resolution down to 20µm. Thus, the nascent destabilization phenomenon (sedimentation or creaming layers, aggregates, agglomerates or coalescence) can be detected and monitored over time at different intervals. TURBISCAN® technology is the perfect solution for a complete analysis and understanding of real-life destabilization phenomena and so shelf life testing. Indeed, the stability of colloidal dispersions depends on many parameters (size, concentration, charges, rheology…). Techniques such as zeta potential testing, particle size determination, conductivity or rheology measurement provide useful but limited information to one parameter and do not characterize the overall stability of formulations