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Liquid Array Molecular Assay Improved Assay for Tuberculosis Diagnostics

Redakteur: Doris Popp

Bruker has announced the launch of an important further innovation in the field of tuberculosis diagnostics.

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Fluoro Type MTBDR 2.0 Kit
Fluoro Type MTBDR 2.0 Kit
(Source: Bruker)

The new PCR-based Fluoro Type MTBDR 2.0 assay identifies tuberculosis pathogens, as well as several important antibiotic resistance characteristics in only three hours. The novel assay detects TB pathogens directly from patient samples, without the need for any culture. In addition, it can be used to detect MDR-TB, i.e. resistance against rifampicin and isoniazid, the two most important first line TB drugs. This novel TB test relies on the innovative Bruker-Hain Liquid Array technology to analyze a multitude of mutations in the associated TB resistance genes. The new Fluoro Cycler XT is a novel, high-performance thermal cycler and optical reader that enables the Liquid Array assay technology. The Fluoro Type MTBDR 2.0 assay can detect more than 60 mutations in the TB genes, leading up to 522 resistance patterns with relevant information to guide therapy. According to Bruker this level of genetic specificity normally can only be achieved with sequencing. Bruker is a majority stakeholder of the Hain Lifescience GmbH, which is the legal manufacturer of the Fluoro Cycler XT and the MTBDR 2.0 assay.