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The PTR3 Scores Prestigious Innovation Award

New IONICON PTR3-TOF 10K receives "The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award" 2020. The TASIAs are celebrating the most impressive analytical technologies of the last 12 months.

PTR3-TOF 10K is honored with "The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award"

Each year, The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards showcase the technologies driving progress in measurement science and one of this breakthroughs within 2020 is our novel PTR3.

The fundamental invention behind PTR3 is the decoupling of the ion-molecule reaction chemistry from the axial transport of the reagent and analyte ions. This decoupling significantly increases the reaction time and consequently boosts the overall sensitivity of the instrument.

What the judges say...

"The Ionicon PTR-MS technology is the “gold-standard” in real-time measurement of volatile organic compounds in many application areas."

The PTR3 provides a quantitative detection of volatile organic compounds and their oxidation products including highly-oxygenated organic molecules (HOMs) down to ppqV levels. The new concept of contact free sampling allows for detecting organics of virtually all volatility classes ranging from volatile (VOC) to extremely low volatile (ELVOC). 

The ultimate performance of the PTR3 even enables detecting and quantifying organic peroxy (RO2) radicals and studying the composition and concentration of secondary organic aerosols (SOA). SOA are known to play a vital role in cloud formation and thus are highly relevant to the world’s most advanced climate research efforts.

Learn more on the PTR3-TOF 10K product website.

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