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With the cutting-edge Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) technology by KNAUER, scientists can screen for the optimal process parameters to formulate API-containing lipid nanoparticles for preclinical and small-scale production which can be upscaled for customized production scales e.g. for mRNA vaccines or DNA-based therapeutics. Whether you're working on developing a new API-based therapy or optimizing encapsulation conditions, the NanoScaler is the perfect tool for your research. With a small footprint and low sample consumption, it is easy to use on a benchtop and the system comes with five different @KNAUER Impingement Jets Mixers to ensure the best encapsulation results. The system also allows researchers to use their own custom mixing unit and benefit from the flexibility of the system set-up. The formulation process can also be remotely controlled by software, making it easy to operate from a conventional PC or laptop, or even a tablet. Learn more: wwwknauer.net/lnp