WEBINAR: GPC/SEC Calibration


14.10.2015 um 12:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort: kostenfreies Webinar

GPC/SEC/GFC is a versatile technique to characterize (co)polymers, biopolymers, polysaccharids and proteins. This webinar is designed for beginners and scientists who want to implement GPC/SEC/GFC. It discusses theortical background and experimental setup lists advantages and ...

Molar masses cannot be measured directly by GPC/SEC. Direct results of a GPC/SEC run are chromatograms or elugrams, which show the detector signal intensity versus the elution volume. These elugrams can be easily compared to each other using the identical column set.
However without additional information (such as e.g. from a calibration curve) the molar mass averages and polydispersity are not available. These properties can be determined if the relation between elution volume and molar mass is known. There are several options how to generate this information.

This webinar discusses calibration options for GPC/SEC/GFC systems with advantages and limitations.

Who Should Attend:
• Lab managers who want to implement GPC/SEC/GFC in their lab
• Lab technicians who use GPC/SEC/GFC and want to learn more about the theoretical background