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Ritter’s conductive robotic tips – highest precision and quality

Visit Ritter Medical at EUROMEDLAB in Barcelona from May 19th to May 23rd 2019 at booth 278!

Electrically conductive tips have become essential for many robotic systems and applications. The conductive tip material allows the robot to sense the change in resistance when the tip is immersed into a liquid, signaling that it is safe for suction to begin. This avoids any air bubbles, allowing the sample to be gathered cleanly, even with minimal immersion and with wells filled to different levels.

All blackKnights – the conductive robotic tips from Ritter Medical – are produced under cleanroom conditions and tested from independent laboratories to be free of DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens. Each lot of these tips is tested according to the quality management system by Ritter Medical, to assure reproducible results of your applications. With blackKnights, even small volumes can be dosed with high precision and without contamination.

Ritter offers its SBS standard blackKnights conductive tips in seven sizes, ranging from     10 μl to 1,200 μl, and in different versions and packages: with or without filter, blistered, cardboard packaging or tip box. Some sizes are also available in non-sterile formats as well as in bioclean® (pre-sterilized) version.

Ritter’s blackKnights are available in four types:

  • Hamilton format
  • Tecan format
  • Qiagen format
  • Olympus format

Ritter Medical will also present conductive robotic tips at EUROMEDLAB in Barcelona from May 19th to May 23rd 2019 at booth 278.

Type Hamilton:

robotic Tips for Hamilton Microlab Star, Nimbus® and Vantage

Not available in the USA. Microlab Star, Nimbus und Vantage are registered trademarks of Hamilton AG.

Type Tecan:

robotic Tips for Tecan and other OEM workstations

Tecan is a registered trademark of Tecan AG.

Type Qiagen:

robotic Tips for Qiagen and other OEM workstations

Qiagen is a registered trademark of Qiagen GmbH.

Type Olympus:

Diagnostic without compromises

Olympus is a registered trademark of Olympus GmbH.