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Den Rand-Effekt in zellbasierten Assays minimieren

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[1] A simple and cost efficient method to avoid unequal evaporation in cellular screening assays, which restores cellular metabolic activity. Walzl A, Kramer N, Mazza G, Rosner M, Falkenhagen D, Hengstschläger M, Schwanzer-Pfeiffer D, Dolznig H.; Int J Appl Sci Technol. 2012 June;2(6)

[2] A pitfall of the 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-5(3-carboxymethonyphenol)-2-(4-sulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium (MTS) assay due to evaporation in wells on the edge of a 96 well plate. Patel MI, Tuckerman R, Dong Q; Biotechnology Letters 2005; 27:805-808

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[3] A simple technique for reducing edge effect in cell-based assays. Lundholt BK, Scudder KM, Pagliaro L; Journal of Biomolecular Screening 2003; 8: 566

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